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"Sometimes you can't fight the good fight alone... you need some help."
--Hedi Horvath, NJ mother of Alexa, Class of 2012

Smart choices picking a college and about financial aid. The CTS College Family Care Center is your complete solution to helping your clients prepare for their SAT or ACT, finding the right college fit for all the right reasons and organizing and expediting the financial aid process.

"Client centered" philosophy. Many other organizations pay lip service to being client centered, and instead are occupied with their own bureaucracy and administrative requirements. We only care what's best for you. If it's best for you, most times it's what's best for us, too.

The focus is on two things: outcomes for the student and results for the parent. The goal of going to college is to not only earn a degree, but to learn a skill to find a job. But college offers so much more. At over half of the colleges in the US,We believe that even if the student hasn't heard of a college, that doesn't mean that it isn't a good fit for them. The outcomes we are quite often what the client wants is not necessarily what the client needs. Rather than looking at performing specific tasks or providing certain services that the client has requested, it is far better to first identify the outcomes that the client is seeking. This approach best facilitates the managing of expectations and allows for the highest probability of success.

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Our Standard Service is for high school seniors who have already begun the process of applying to colleges.

Our Premiere Service, for juniors and younger students, is an enhancement to the Standard level of service. It includes a personalized college funding strategy, college & personality profile search, financial aid leveraging, and more.










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